How's the Weather when Traveling to Florida

weather-in-floridaTo tell you the truth for our opinion Florida has the best weather there can be. It does go through its four seasons like other states but the cold weather is not as intense like in some parts of the country. Florida is the perfect tropical paradise. So you might be asking yourself How's the Weather when Traveling to Florida? Keep on reading and you will find out to know what to bring for your next vacations.


Detailed Information of How's the Weather when Traveling to Florida

South Florida Weather

South Florida destinations include Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Sanibel Island, The Florida Keys and and endless list of locations. This area has a wet and dry season that lasts about 6 months each. The low temperatures are the lowest of 50 degrees which is normally hot if you ask me. It normally runs from May through September. 

Central Florida Weather

The Central Florida area is world reknown by Disney World and its various themepark attractions. Other attractions aside from the parks that tourists may enjoy are Cocoa Beach, The Kennedy Space center and a few more. The wet season is somewhat shorter in central Florida than that in the South, and it runs from June to the end of September. The dry seasons runs from October to May. Central Florida its said to be susceptable to occasional freezes where during winter time can drop to the lower 30 degrees, but is not typical. 

North Florida Weather

North Florida consists of Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Pensacola and others. Wet season runs from about June to September. The coldfront of northern Florida can be a little bit harder since it gets hit by the cold breezes from the norther parts of the country. 

Florida overall is one of the most preferred spots to visit and enjoy a tropical summer vacation in reality any time of the year. There is a generous amount of sunshine for everyone to enjoy throughout the whole year. So have we answered your question of How's the weather when Traveling to Florida?